What is a DNA Art?

Our DNA ART pieces are the representation of a person's DNA profile on an image.

Every individual has a different DNA profile. Therefore, each DNA ART is unique. No one else will have a same DNA ART as yours. Only identical twins present the same DNA profile.

When you send your DNA sample to us for testing, we obtain the genetic markers that make your genetic profile. Then, we transfer your profile to the design you have chosen for your DNA ART.

DNA ART is also perfect for an original gift. You can place a DNA ART order for someone else or send a gift voucher so the receiver can place their own DNA ART order. Gift DNA ART and surprise your loved ones with this exceptional and personalised piece.

We offer many design options to make your DNA ART even more personal and special.

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Each DNA ART is sent with a certificate of authenticity and the laboratory report with the values of your DNA profile.

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Get your DNA ART in just a few simple steps

Order your kit

Order your kit

Receive your sample collection kit with everything you need to request your DNA Art.

Collect your DNA samples

Collect your DNA samples

Follow the instructions included in the kit to collect your DNA samples and fill out the paperwork with the requested information.

Receive your DNA Art

Receive your DNA Art

In a few weeks you will receive your DNA Art along with its certificate of authenticity and the laboratory report with the values of your DNA profile.

Designing your DNA ART

When you order your DNA ART, you will be able to choose how you want your DNA ART to look:

You choose your preferred size and material

Opciones de diseño

We can send you your DNA ART in digital format, on a poster or on canvas. Choose the size of your DNA ART for your preferred material.

* The digital image of your DNA ART is always sent to you with your poster or canvas order.

You choose your preferred colour

Opciones de diseño

We offer a wide variety of colour designs for your DNA ART. Choose your preferred colour from our selection.



You choose to add a message to your DNA ART

Opciones de diseño

Would you like to include your name or a personal message on your DNA ART? We can do it if you want! Your text will appear at the bottom of your DNA ART.