Frequently Asked Questions


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What is DNA ART?

A DNA ART is the representation on an image of a person's DNA.

How is a DNA ART piece done?

When you send your DNA sample to us, we analyse it and obtain your DNA profile or genetic profile. This profile is then transferred to the design you have chosen for your DNA ART.

What is a DNA profile or genetic profile?

A DNA profile or genetic profile is made up by the allelic values that an individual presents on each of the DNA regions tested. A DNA profile is unique to each person, as each and every one of us presents a different group of allelic values. Only identical twins have the same DNA profile.

On a DNA ART piece, each of the white markers represent the alleles on each of the regions tested. The position of the alleles in each of the coloured bands is what makes your DNA profile and, therefore, your DNA ART unique.

How do I know my DNA ART has been done from my DNA?

With your DNA ART you will receive a certificate of authenticity issued by DNA Solutions, guaranteeing that your DNA ART has been done from your DNA sample. You will also receive the laboratory Allele Report, where you will have the scientific data of your DNA profile.

Our laboratories follow very strict quality protocols that prevent any mistake for happening on the analysis process or on the identification of the samples. Your samples are analysed at DNA Solutions laboratories, not at an external facility. To know more about our company, please visit our About Us section.

Is each DNA ART piece unique to each person?

Yes, it is. Each DNA ART piece represents the DNA profile of a person. Since each person has a different DNA profile, each DNA ART piece is different. Only identical twins have the same DNA profile, so the images of their DNA ART pieces will be identical.


Sample collection for DNA ART

How do I collect my DNA sample?

With your kit you will receive a package with our special brushes and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to collect your DNA sample. The sample collection is a painless and very easy procedure; basically, you just need to brush the bristle end on the inside of your mouth for about 30 seconds.

The brushes will collect the cells from the inside of your mouth, from which we will extract your DNA. Therefore, it is not a sample of saliva that we need, but a sample of those cells.

If you have any questions regarding the instructions your will receive with your kit, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the procedure.

Can I send another type of sample different from a mouth swab?

For DNA ART we are currently only accepting mouth swab samples. This sample is always a better option than any other type of biological sample. Apart from being taken in a painless and easy way, its DNA extraction success rate is of 100% (when taken following our instructions).


DNA ART options

Can I choose the size and colours for my DNA ART?

Yes, you can. When you place your order, you will be able to choose the colour, size and material for your DNA ART. If you wish to have your DNA ART with other characteristics than those we offer (for example, a different colour combination), please contact us and we will try to work with you to design your DNA ART with your requirements.

What materials are used for my DNA ART?

We work with high-quality images and they are printed in professional printing machines. Poster orders are printed in glossy paper of 200 grams (300 grams for the 42x28cm. size). Canvas orders are printed in a high-quality canvas and delivered in a wood frame.

Do you send the canvas on a frame?

Yes, we do. Every DNA ART canvas order is delivered in a wood frame.

Is it possible to have more than one person's DNA on a DNA ART piece?

Each DNA ART piece represents one person's DNA. However, we can offer discounts for multiple DNA ART orders. Contact us for more information.

Can I request that the image of my DNA ART is sent to me?

We will always email you the image of your DNA ART when it is ready to be shipped. However, the images are destroyed from our archives 3 months after they have been delivered, so we will not be able to resend the image to you after that period.


Costs and delivery for DNA ART

How much does a DNA ART cost?

The cost of a DNA ART piece depends on the size and material chosen. The price of each option can be found on the Order section and will also be shown to you when placing your order. All prices include the shipping of the sample collection kit, as well as the delivery costs of your DNA ART.

How long does it take to receive my DNA ART?

Your DNA ART will be shipped to you in 4-6 weeks since reception of your sample and forms (and the remaining payment if there was any amount due).

What countries do you ship to?

From our UK location we ship to all countries in Europe. If you are located outside Europe and wish to place your order through our UK office, please contact us to get a quote on the delivery costs.


Privacy and security for DNA ART

How do you guarantee the privacy and security of my personal information?

DNA Solutions follows a strict privacy policy for all tests and services. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy section.

What genetic information can be obtained from my DNA ART?

Your DNA ART is a representation of your DNA profile. The white markers on your DNA ART represent the alleles on each DNA region tested. Being unique to each person, a DNA profile is used for identification processes.

However, no data about your DNA can be obtained from your DNA ART, although DNA Solutions will send you a report with your DNA profile along with your DNA ART.

Do you keep my DNA sample at your laboratories?

All DNA samples are destroyed within a 3-month period from the moment the test was concluded.

Do you keep the image of my DNA ART?

High-resolution DNA ART images are destroyed periodically, never in less than 3 months since it was shipped. The certificates of authenticity and the rest of the documents are kept in our archives for 2 years.