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DNA Art by DNA Solutions FAQs

DNA Art Sample Collection

DNA Art Security and Privacy

DNA Art Sample Collection

How to collect a DNA Art sample?

Our step-by-step directions within your DNA Art swab collection kit; collecting a cheek sample is painless & quick. Using our DNA Art swabs provided, you would simply take the swabs from the sterile pouch and brush this against the inside of the cheek for approximately 30 seconds in and up & down motion.

Then remove the second swab and repeat this process on the opposite cheek.

The swab will collect cells from the inside of your cheek, it’s these cells where our accredited laboratory will extract the DNA from. Once the DNA samples have been collected, seal your pouch, complete your paperwork and return to us for your DNA Art to begin processing.

The DNA Art collection kit will comprise of simple step-by-step instructions, your DNA Art kit will be dispatched the same day your order has been completed. If you have additional questions on our DNA Art service our interactive website provides live chat with a member of our DNA Art department or you can call your local office.

Do you accept only cheek cells for DNA Art?

Cheek cell samples are the preferred sample to submit because its pain free and simple to administer, however we can also accept other samples such as hair (must be plucked and showing the root), toothbrush, hairbrush, band aid/plaster, ear wax, nail clippings (cut close to the skin) & a used tissue.

Is each DNA Art piece unique to each individual?

Correct, once your DNA sample has been extracted and your genetic profile produced – that image is an exact genetic image of you. Every persons DNA is unique, individual and different and this results in that no two pieces of art can ever be the same.

About Security and Privacy

DNA Art security and privacy?

DNA Solutions ISO17025 accredited laboratory has to maintain high standards of processing and this has to meet strict procedure, security & guidelines set by the International Standards Organization. Like other companies offering this service, they would simply receive your DNA sample and then forward this on to another laboratory company to process – DNA Solutions DO NOT DO THIS. We offer the full service at our own laboratory and process each order in-house.

Can you ensure that my DNA Art was made only from my DNA?

Authenticity of every DNA Art piece we create is guaranteed. Our strict procedures for DNA extraction are accredited by the International Standards Organization. Each sample is assigned a unique reference code & this can be tracked throughout the DNA Art process.

What genetic information can be retrieved from my DNA Art?

The standard procedure we use produces a unique & individual representation of your genetic profile, it does not hold any specific information relating to your finished DNA Art piece. In no way can any individual view the DNA Art piece & assume anything specific about your DNA. DNA Solutions do offer other services including DNA Ancestry that can offer a detailed insight in your ancestral origins. For details of this service, please contact your local office.

Do you keep & store my DNA sample?

No we do not. Every DNA sample is incinerated immediately after the extraction process is successfully captured. The destruction of your DNA sample is secure & in keeping with company policy.

Do you preserve my DNA Art image?

Your DNA sample is destroyed shortly after our laboratory team has successfully completed the extraction process. You can choose to have your image destroyed, or kept at our laboratory for future use or burnt on to a disc and returned to you.